The Pamir Alpine Club was founded to gather a nexus of individuals focused on promoting climbing in the Pamirs with the long-term goal of developing a sustainable climbing-related tourism industry in the Pamirs. PAC current activities include:

  1. Developing the capacity of local guides for trekking and supporting mountaineering expeditions
  2. Teaching basic climbing skills to local Pamiri guides with the aim of gradually increasing their capacity to one day lead climbing and mountaineering trips
  3. Developing safe and accessible rock climbing routes to attract international climbers
  4. Creating informational resources about climbing in the Pamirs
  5. Connecting international climbers with local guides and homestays

PAC members include a handful of dedicated Pamiri guides, tourism professionals and students (from the University of Central Asia), as well as a few expats who fell in love with the mountains and culture of the Pamirs.

The PAC is non-exclusive—anyone can join!