What climbers are saying about the Pamirs:

We reached the summit [of Karl Marx Peak] around 3PM and found a old plaque with a bust of Karl Marx from the Soviet days. There was a great panorama from the summit of the Pamirs to the north and the Hindu Kush in Pakistan to the south. Separating us from Pakistan was the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan...
— Steve Swenson, USA
Local people are friendly, and the region offers spectacular, unspoiled scenery, with no crowds and great faces to climb.
— Matic Jost, Slovenia
we endured the long jeep ride; winding roads alternating dirt and pavement, hugging closely to the bed of the Panj River, which traces the border with Afghanistan. Eventually we reached the picturesque town of Khorog, which would give way to striking mountain vistas and the lush valleys bellow.
— Jenn Flemming, USA
enormous potential for new routes remains
— John Proctor, UK